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Whiteline/Whiteline Steering Rack Whiteline Bushing Kit (25mm Bracket)

Product Information:

Part Number: KSR200
Manufacturer: Whiteline
Weight: 1 lbs.


Base Price: $39.80
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Product Description:

Sport Compact Car Magazine article about the Whiteline Steering Rack Kit:

“It wasn’t until after testing that we discovered a tweak that should have a large impact on slalom speeds and is, subjectively, the single biggest improvement in handling precision and driving enjoyment of anything we’ve done……

All Subarus have vague, sloppy steering at turn-in. Once you’ve committed to a corner, the steering is usually very linear and direct, but that first moment when you’re picking your line is fraught with uncertainty. At the speeds the STi is capable of, this trait is downright frightening. The problem is that the steering rack is mounted in bushings that appear to be made of a proprietary mix of Teflon and KY Jelly. Turn the steering wheel right and the first thing that happens is the steering rack slides left. Only when the rack settles into place does steering feel return. The stickier your tires, or the older your car’s steering rack bushings, the worse this problem gets.

A simple set of polyurethane steering rack bushings from Whiteline make a ridiculous difference in how the car drives. Steering precision is vastly improved and turn-in is so much sharper, we almost ran over the curb on the inside of the first corner we went around. There is no down side. Is anybody at Subaru reading this?”

Another part of the article, underneath a picture of the bushings actually shown on the car states:

“Whiteline’s steering rack bushings make such a shocking improvement in steering feel we’re campaigning to have a box of 100,000 bushings shipped to Fuji Heavy Industries. The two power steering lines that run below the bushing make installation difficult. We found it easiest to just use a bit of brute force to bend the lines out of the way for a few minutes, then bend them back when we’re done.”

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