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Whiteline/Whiteline Anti-Dive/Caster Adjustment Kit

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Product Information:

Part Number: KCA305
Manufacturer: Whiteline
Weight: 5 lbs.


Base Price: $368.30
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Product Description:

This Anti-Dive kit was engineered and designed sprecifically to fix the moderate to hard braking “nose dive” (front end dip) of your Mustang.  This kit replaces the soft front lower control arm bushing AND adds caster adjustment.  The Whiteline Flat Out new Anti-Dive Kit cures the problem. This allows you to maintain a factory smooth ride while increasing your Mustang's suspension performance. The Whiteline innovative Anti-Dive kit significantly provides additional positive caster to dramatically sharpen initial turn in response, forcing more consistent alignment angles through the corner due to new firmer bushings and reduced compliance.  The Whiteline Anti-Dive kit is designed to add or reduce static caster to both front wheels by 0.75 degree, while changing the nature of front anti-dive.  The low compliance bushings help maintain much better control during braking and cornering.

Anti-dive is a suspension parameter that affects the amount of suspension deflection when the brakes are applied. Have you ever driven a Mustang and under hard braking it feels like the rear end of the vehicle passes over the top of you. Well this kit is a must for any Mustang owner as it resets the front to rear end geometry and forces the energy or inertia under heavy braking along the vehicle rather than over it. The WADK (Whiteline Anti Dive Kit) is a direct replacement – bolt on unit that replaces all 2005 to present, Mustang front lower control arm – rear bushing/mounting.

The Whiteline Anti-Dive Kit (WADK) replaces the factory rubber lower control arm bushings with durable polyurethane bushings, that are housed in a high-strength, light-weight, anodized aluminum housing. The WADK resists deflection and resets the vehicle's suspension geometry to transfer the inertia under heavy braking, across the vehicle rather than over it, to eliminate the nose-dive condition. The kit also provides a two-point, static caster adjustment (up to .075-degree increase) for improved steering response, making your Mustang perform at its full potential.

Key features of the WADK include:
• High strength and light weight anodised aluminium mounts with revised anti-dive geometry to minimise suspension deflection under braking.
• 2 point static caster adjustment (up to 0.75º increase) for improved steering response.
• Low compliance polyurethane bushings provide low rotational resistence and deliver minimum dynamic caster loss leading to a more positive steering feel.
• A complete set of mounting fixtures to bolt on with ease

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