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Go Fast Bits/Ultra Lightweight High Strength Aluminum Pulley Kit

Product Information:

Part Number: 2002
Manufacturer: Go Fast Bits
Weight: 2 lbs.


Base Price: $335.45
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Product Description:

Lightweight aluminum pulley kit offers improved throttle response and acceleration through significant reduction of rotating mass.  Engine feels more free-revving.  Under-driven kits offer more power through reduction of parasitic losses from the accessories with NO adverse affects on their operation.

Kit includes Crank, Alternator and Power Steering pulleys and belts. 

3 piece ultra lightweight pulley kit (Crank, alternator & powere steering pulleys and belts).  Fits WRX STi models1999-2000 and Forester GT models 2001-2002.  All pulleys are manufactured in Australia of high grade 6061 T6 billet aluminum on the latest precision CNC machines.  All pulleys are anodized black to increase corrosion resistance and wear. 

Huge savings in weight versus the original factory pulleys.  GFB pulley kits weigh only 1.26 lbs. versus original factory 6.69 lbs for the STi and 5.81 lbs for the WRX.  A savings of 5.43 lbs on the STi and a savings of 4.55 lbs on the WRX versus the original factory pulleys.  

The GFB lightweight under-drive pulleys do not increase the amount of torque or
power developed by the engine. They simply reduce the amount of mass that the
engine must accelerate. Therefore, the faster the engine RPM is increasing, the greater
the benefit will be from reduced pulley mass.

The GFB Pulleys tested improve acceleration throughout the entire rev range,
particularly during the period where the turbo is spooling up.  In other words they provided a noticeableably faster acceleration due to rotating less weight.   

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