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Part Number: 5701
Manufacturer: Go Fast Bits
Weight: 0.08 lbs.


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Product Description:

The ability to change the sound of a blow-off valve is increasingly becoming an important issue with buyers, who want to sound different from everyone else. In 2004, the Whistling Trumpet was released which emitted a piercing screech when driving aggressively. The 5701 can be used in place of the standard trumpet on GFB valves (Part numbers T9003 & T9503), and will make a whistling sound. However, it is necessary to run the valve so that all (or most) of the air vents through the trumpet – Respons valves will typically not generate the velocity required to whistle when set to 50/50 venting. Recommended for Part numbers T9003 & T9503 (not for use on DV+ valves)

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