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Part Number: 6107
Manufacturer: Go Fast Bits
Weight: 1 lbs.


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Product Description:

If you have a GFB blow-off valve with two outlets and want to plug one of them, this is the plug to use.  It replaces either a trumpet or recirc outlet to effectively disable the venting port. On Hybrid valves for example, it is used to change from 50/50 to full atmosphere or full recirc venting, by plugging the appropriate outlet.

It is also commonly used to plug the trumpet outlet of the Stealth FX and Deceptor Pro in order to pass roadworthiness examinations, by preventing the valve from “easily” being adjusted to atmosphere-venting.

Note that prior to 2003, a few different outlet types were used on various GFB valves, and whilst the screw-in plug suits all newer valve outlets and some earlier types, some older outlets have a different thread and require the use of a thread adaptor to fit the plug.

To find out what you need to plug the outlet of your GFB valve, simply check the pictures below to determine which outlet type your valve has, then read off the required part number/s.

For all of the outlets above (shown with the trumpet or plumb back fitting removed), you only need the screw-in plug.

Both of the above early-style trumpet outlets (note the lack of raised flat face or additional insert between the trumpet and the body) require the screw-in plug and the thread adaptor.

The trumpet in these outlet types is assembled with a small amount of Loctite on the thread, and is easiest to remove using a screwdriver or similar shaft through two of the slots for extra leverage as shown. Turn it anti-clockwise as you would a normal screw – don’t worry, even if it takes a reasonable amount of force the threads or the trumpet won’t be damaged.

Note: if you are plugging a recirc outlet to make your valve vent 100% to atmosphere, don’t forget to plug the recirc hose or the car won’t run properly!

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