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Whiteline/Com 'C' Adjustable Strut Mounts

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Product Information:

Part Number: KCA335
Manufacturer: Whiteline
Weight: 7 lbs.


Base Price: $227.49
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Product Description:

Control with COMFORT!   Whiteline are pleased to announce the release of the
COM ‘C’ front upper strut mounts for the majority of
Subaru models. The COM ‘C’ is a NO COMPROMISE
strut mount replacement that offers desirable camber
and caster gains with out sacrificing the ride quality or
ride height of your Subaru.

Com C uses Group N spec low compliance rubber & twin shielded bearing design. Extra +0.75 deg caster & -0.5 deg camber for potential +5.0 deg total caster & -3.5 deg camber depending on vehicle.

What is the maximum amount of camber/caster that can be achieved at the same time?

The above settings are achievable when both max caster and max camber orientation is set. Obviously the alignment settings will vary slightly due to varying vehicle ride heights and models

What materials exactly are these made out of (the outer casing and the inner rubber mounting point)?

The mount consists of a press steel outer casing, STi Group N spec high duro rubber and chrome steel twin shielded ball bearing, one Shield from each side, to protect the bearing from dust or any possible contamination.

What’s even better is the COM ‘C’ strut mount kit is
very affordable.

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