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Whiteline/ Lateral link-adjust toe/camber

Product Documentation

Product Information:

Part Number: KTA127
Manufacturer: Whiteline
Weight: 7 lbs.


Base Price: $499.90

Product Description:

Key Feature and Benefit
KTA127 is a complete kit of 4 adjustable control arms fitted with low compliance bushes designed to modify rear factory camber - toe & track. The result is greater range & more precise adjustment & a more direct connection between body & rear suspension delivering more predictable dynamic behavior. Left-right-h& thread adjustment turn-buckle nut allows for easy on-car adjustment.

Features and Benefits
Whiteline Complete Arms
Whiteline’s range of adjustable heavy duty control arms and panhard rods are designed to allow for increased range of alignment for either toe and camber, or axle relocation. Low compliance bushes are used to minimize NVH and maximize longevity. Left-right-hand thread adjustment turn-buckle allows for easy on-car adjustment (panhards excluded)

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